Horny Doge Token

It is a token that has game and nft weight and prioritizes helping. Adapts the joke theme to horny. Making fun of popular people with high communication is his main job. Why is he kidding? Because, he hates those who decide everything.


Why Choose Us


100 nft collection. It will be published part by part and meet you on opensea.


Gifts are distributed on the global chat channel with telegram games that change every day.


10 holders = 1 sapling. 1750 holders set it as the starting point of the campaign.


10 holders = 1 sapling

We work with Horny Doge to add value. The Horny Doge team would like to express their respect to the world and we want you to be with us in this cause. Join us and let's start changing the world together. The starting regions are as follows.


Region Turkey


Region Azerbaijan


Region North Cyprus


Everyday Rewards

Join the game adventure that changes every day on our Telegram channel and fight to be the winner of the day. Become a partner with us and win with prizes that change every day. When we investigate the effect of playing games on people, the result is very surprising. It takes away the stress and fatigue on people. It brings focus and fun. How would you like to get rid of the tiredness of the day with us? Our winners are determined every day at 21:00 UTC, as seen in the photos on the side, and their prizes are distributed. Every day between 21:00 UTC - 21:30 UTC, the new game is published and continues. If you want to make your day fun, you are invited to our Telegram channel.


Horny Doge OpenSea Platform

Arts made by our NFT designers. In general, they are self-sacrificing works that will be heard in the market. Our aim with these is to announce the voice and image of the Horny Doge Token. Every week, 10-20 of our designs will be released and sorted according to their rarity to be added to the collection. The total number of Horny Doge NFT collections has been determined as 100. There is no sequel, only a limited number. If you want to join us, choose your side from Opensea platform and buy NFT. Examples are as follows.





You can find data about Horny Doge Token in White-Paper. These data provide information about our project. Click on the White-Paper tab or Picture to review.














Frequently Asked Questions

Based on Dogecoin. Platform for everyone who wants to express themselves. There is also a life form called Dogecoin Club. Here, it is aimed to give Horny Doge as a reward to 100 wallet owners at random from the first 500 wallet owners every week. The purpose is simply to make our presence known.
50% of Horny Doge already burned. Incineration operations will generally continue.
Pancakeswap or poocoin can be bought with 12% slippage by you.
We will create a platform where people can buy nft.
It is our goal to have a place in the lives of most crypto traders.
Horny Doge aims to integrate into real life with the projects it will create. In the first phase of Horny Doge, 1 sapling will be planted for every 10 holders participating in the project. We want to be the breath of the world.
In the games shared on the Horny Doge Telegram channel, we distribute a daily prize of $$$ to the winner. A different game will be released every day.
As the Horny Doge team, we are aware of the power of the NFT and Game trend. For this reason, we will catch the hype by keeping up with this trend.
Horny Doge aims to keep its community active with its constantly evolving designs and updates. At the same time, it aims to evaluate the developing updates in the most efficient way with its Professional team.
Website V2 is a new version that includes the NFT platform and the award-winning game application.
The name Horny Doge was a meme and an interesting choice that contained the fire of youth and innovation. At first glance, it was a name chosen to put a smile on people's faces and to show that meme culture can actually have a project and purpose.

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